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About Us

Smith & Agli’s Potbelly Manor is a potbelly pig rescue dedicated to improving the lives of potbelly pigs and other farm animals.

Located near the historic village of Wickford on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, we have been rescuing and advocating for potbelly pigs since 1995.

Audrey Agli and Liz Smith founded Smith & Agli’s Potbelly Manor in 1995, inspired by the rescue of Skipper, an abused pig from the streets of Providence.

In addition to the special-needs pigs who are permanent residents our farm also has a number of other species that we have accepted as permanent rescues over the years; goats, pigeons, turkeys, a calf and a feral cat colony. We do not, however, handle adoptions for other species.

We also have a pet-assisted therapy program which serves as a link between the animals and the community. Ariel, out pet-therapy pig visits nursing homes and schools, and individuals and groups also visit the farm to spend one-on-one time with the animals.


Bette Davis, love of Audrey and Liz’s hearts, passed on December 9, 2010.

Audrey Agli, Co-founder

audreyAudrey retired from the State of Rhode Island in March of 2015 with 24 years of service. Her day begins each morning at 5:00 AM when she feeds and cares for all of the animals.

Audrey’s sense of humor and love for the animals helps everyone get through the tough manual jobs and keeps everyone focused.

In addition to her work for the state, Audrey served her country from June 1979 to June 2012, recently retiring from the military where she served at Westover Air force Base, 439th Maintenance Squadron, Springfield, Ma. Audrey is honored to have served her country and is proud of the years she spent in the military.

Liz Smith, Co-founder

lizLiz is a reiki master/teacher, certified angel reader, psychic medium and tarot reader. Proceeds from Liz’s services go directly to help fund Potbelly Manor. Liz has been involved in spiritual healing practices since 1990, over 20 years.

She began her spiritual journey with tarot in 1996, then studied and practiced Reiki beginning in 2000 and began angel card reading in 2004 in combination with her abilities as a clairvoyant in 2004. Liz has studied at some of the top centers for spiritual studies, including “All That Matters” in Wakefield, Rhode Island, with Myra Partyka, and under Elizabeth Foley, a world renowned Reiki Master/Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapist and Angel Practitioner.

Liz believes all of these methods can be used, individually or in combination, to help one reach new levels of healing and health mentally, spiritually and/or physically.

Christian Woods, Director

Christian started volunteering for Potbelly Manor in the 6th grade for Christian Community Service hours for his elementary school. Since then he has been volunteering on the farm for over 13 years. He is now the director of communications and is Audrey’s right-hand man.

Christian is a new graduate as a Dental hygienist and hopes to run his own practice in the near future. Not only does he work overtime at his current job he helps with taking care of the animals, running fundraisers, and helping build new enclosures for the animals. Christian dedicates his time every week to make sure the animals are well taken care of and have stable warm shelters to sleep in at night.

Donations to Smith & Agli’s Potbelly Manor go directly toward the care, feeding, and health services for our animals as well as maintenance of our farm. Sometimes love just isn’t enough – please help us care for our beloved animals by making a donation.